Kayak Cushions & Pads
Kayak Cushions & Pads

Kayak Cushions & Pads

ComfyKayak.com offers paddlers a range of comfort-enhancing gel seat cushions, including cushions and pads, such as the Classic Paddling Cushion, the X-Treme Cushion, the Dragon Boat Pad, the Outrigger Cushion and the Camper/Hiker Stow-A-Way pad, all from Skwoosh.
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Give you tush a gift! A kayak cushion can erase hours of soreness and turn a bummer outing into a breezy adventure. ComfyKayak.com offers paddlers a range of comfort-enhancing products. The Hot Seat comes in three great sizes and is meant to complement the Sonic Back Band.  The Folding Hot Seat is a great alternative if you would use it for additional activities like picnicking or going to a stadium.  If all you need is some extra lumbar support, the Self-Inflating Lumbar Pad sill attach easily to most kayak seats.  All three of these products are from Surf to Summit.  You might prefer the Classic Paddling Cushion or the smaller, brighter X-Treme Cushion to enjoy the medically proven pressure-relieving technology of Skwoosh products.  Canoers will want to consider buying the Classic Canoe Cushion with Airflo-3D, while a the Angler II Fishing Seat is another gel seat cushion popular with and designed for anglers.

Find the gel seat cushion that is right for you.  A kayak pad is an essential piece of paddling gear.  Match your kayak cushion with a back band and you're all set!

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