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We specialize in kayak seats and more, with a full range of paddling accessories: kayak fishing gear, paddles, dry bags, kayak and canoe storage equipment, canoeing supplies and even Stand Up Paddling (SUP) equipment available right here on this site. Our goal is to help you find the paddling supplies you need, suited to your likes, by offering superior, hands-on customer service.

A Full Selection of Kayak Seats and Paddling Accessories
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Choose from dozens of kayak seats, including: Basic Seats, Tall Back Seats, Deluxe Kayak Seats, Inflatable Seats as well as Detachable Seat Packs. Our most popular Kayak Back Band is the 14" Tall Back Band offering middle and upper back support. For extra comfort, pair with a Seat Cushion or Pad. In addition to a great selection of Kayak Fishing Seats: the Pacific Angler, the Big Catch and Gone Fishin' Seats, we also have: Bait Holders, Anchors and Catch Coolers. Choose from a full selection of accessories including: Canoe Seats, Canoe Cushions, Kneeling Pads, Canoe Bags, and Canoe Transport Solutions. Our outfitter seats are designed to last. Check out the popular Outfitter Molded Foam Seat, Tall Back Outfitter and High Tech Thermomolded Seat.

Kayak Comfort Begins Here

Is kayak comfort an oxymoron? It doesn't have to be!  Kayak comfort begins with a kayak seat from Comfykayak.com, your first-stop shopping place on the internet for paddlers in search of a way to be more comfortable while paddling. If you are looking for a kayak seat to deliver kayak comfort and utility, you have come to the right place. Your back will be glad you did.

Find great sale prices on a wide selection of canoeing and kayaking accessories from a wide range of top brands (see logos in column to the right). Sign up to receive our newsletter, including coupons and notices about new products, or bookmark this page and visit us again later to see newly added paddling gear.

Featured Products

Featured Products

Classic Paddling Cushion - Gel Pad Kayak Seat
GTS Expedition Kayak Seat - Molded Foam Kayak Comfort
Gone Fishin' Kayak Fishing Seat
Canoe Bow Bag - Canoe Storage Bag
S2S Insulated Fish Bag - Kayak Deck Bag and Catch Cooler
Bimini Sun Shade - Light-Weight Paddle Craft Parasol
Whitewater Select Rage from Accent - River Running Kayak Paddle
Tall Back Band - Kayak Seat Back for Sit-Inside Kayaks
Kayakers Bait Bucket Buddy - Tackle Storage with Rod Holders
GTS Pro Kayak Fishing Seat
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